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Who We Are

Our story:  

Pilgrim Brewery is based in the market town of Reigate and was established in 1982 making it one of the oldest craft breweries in the South East of England. Reigate is on the old pilgrimage route to Canterbury and there are records of beer being brewed in the town for hundreds of years.

Our philosophy:  

We are a small family run business driven by the desire to brew the very best of beers. We use only whole hops and a blend of heritage malts which gives our beers a consistent quality. Our beers have won many top awards and are brewed using traditional techniques and only the finest ingredients. We batch brew and each beer we create has a unique recipe.

Our beers:

Red Star  Heritage beers: This line of beers will be available all year round and includes our Flagship ale Progress which has been brewed since 1982

Green Star   Seasonal beers: These beers, as the name suggest, will vary by season.  See "Our Beers" for the latest seasonal beers.

Blue Star  Progressive beers: Watch out for this line of beers in 2018, they will be one-offs, exciting beers, modern or traditional, bottled, casked or even canned.