Home Ales

First off, come straight to our new counter and just buy our beer...simple! Be sure to check our opening time on the "Noticeboard"

If you would like to enjoy our beer at home we can offer a wide choice of our beers and a size that will suit your needs.

As with all natural products they have a certain life. They improve over time and, sadly, like ourselves deteriorate with age! We do not therefore hold large stocks of the smaller containers. We like to offer our beers in their best condition so the earlier you let us know your requirements the greater the choice we can offer you. However we will fit in with your needs wherever possible. If you have forgotten to order and ring at the last moment do not be afraid! Dave the brewer might be a bit grizzly (don't know why as he's always forgetting stuff) but Ruth will be a paragon of joy and happiness!

get canned with Pilgrim!

Our favourite size is the 5 litre carry-cans...excellent for home use...or if you have a couple of friends around for a game of cribbage or dominoes!

New Style Containers

For a very long time (since 1982 actually) we have not been happy with the standard 20 litre polypin but the march of progress does not halt and we are now pleased to be able to supply our beer in much improved containers. The technical improvements can be safely ignored by you but save to say:

We are simple so call them "BeerBoxes"

We supply the beer "bright" so they can be used immediately. Many breweries offer beer with live yeast but our beers keep just as well. Bright beers are ideal for, say, a Saturday fete, charity event or party.

We can supply the 20 litre boxes with yeast but you will need to order well in advance.


We also supply 72 pint casks and they come with returnable stands and taps included in the price. Like the beerboxes they are also supplied ready for use or live and therefore need to settle overnight.


We have space in the brewery to park and will always help get your beer to your car. If you order a cask it is well to have a spare strongish person at the other end to help get it out! We find that usually people prefer to collect on a Friday afternoon but Saturday morning is OK as well. It's just up to you but check our hours under "Noticeboard".

To order or for advice

Simply ring Ruth or Hannah on 01737 222651 or e-mail using one of our contact forms.

You can swop your precious paper for our precious liquid or use PayPal on collection from the counter

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