Welcome to our noticeboard

This is the bit of the website which is updated most often and is designed with our retail customers in mind.
It will (should!) contain info on upcoming beers, special offers, well just about anything that comes to mind which might be of use and interest to our growing "Band of Pilgrims"

Our beer counter will be open on Thirstdays and Fridays 10.00-4.00

We are usually open on Saturday mornings from 10-12pm April-October.


Ready to drink beer

If you want to be certain of getting the beer of your heart please pre-order as our containers are made up freshly each week. Those who are simply discombobulated and just turn up may have less choice but come anyway we'll be here for collections of 2.5 litres and above

Check here for any seasonal additions to those hours

                                                     Beer List

                                                    Quench 3.6%

                                                    Surrey  3.7%

                                                    Progress 4%

                                                    Quest 4.3%                                              

                          Quench is now permanently available.


                     Please drink, sensibly and often!
             and don't forget to get canned....5 litres only!